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Party for the launch of the Honor 6+

15th of May 2015, Westergasfabriek Amsterdam

On 15th of May 2015 it was time for a party: Honor organised a party for the launch of the new Honor 6+.

The people who know the new smartphone brand are knowing that it isn’t just a normal brand: Honor sees the feedback and thoughts from consumers as very important and attaches great importance to service, price/quality and lifestyle.

To meet and have a word with many consumers, Honor organises a party once in a while.
The launch of the new Honor 6+ was again the reason for a party.
They hired the ”Unie(Union)” at the Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam for this event.

Where is the entrance?

The entrance

I already noticed that Honor likes beautiful locations. The 100 days of Honor was at the Bethaniënklooster on the famous ”the Wallen”.
Personally I think the Union was a better location for Honor, it was a dark space with an really authentic ”industrial design” look.
The room was lightened by lamps that perfectly fits Honor: the complete space was lightened with blue lights. This was perfectly designed for the location and the brand.

A few pictures

The preparations for the event started early in the afternoon but the guests were welcome from 7pm. The guests contained press, people from tech websites and of course: Honor fans! Everybody that was a member from the Honor Club was welcome at the event.

Want to be a member from the Honor Club? Just follow this link then: http://hihonor.nl/nl/pages/my-honor/club

Once arrived at the location, it was time to look around and talk with some people. I am a member from the Honor support forum at androidworld.nl so I already knew a few people. 1 of the persons I knew was André de Raad and he made a very nice bowl for Honor.

Dimitry Vleugel with the Honor bowl

The Honor 6+ and specifications with the Honor bowl

Honor attaches great value to his fans and they try to make a party as nice as possible. There was great catering with a bar and ladies who walked with snacks like burgers and fried shrimps. They even thinked about the entertainment: there were different gaming consoles and a airhockey table. The Honor smartphones were everywhere. The music was arranged by a DJ.

The most popular attraction was a very special one. You were allowed to throw with a Honor Holly!

It was the purpose to throw the Honor Holly as hard as you could in a special designed room. There was a system that registered the speed, the fastest throw was 58Mph!

The Honor Holly didn´t survive it undamaged……..

Like a launch should be; there was a presentation and speech about Honor and the 6+. This was held by Dimitry Vleugel and Kamlesh Gayadien from Honor Holland.

As suspected, the presentation was about het new Honor 6+. The Honor 6+ is a premium high end Android device but it doesn´t have the high end price from other companies. I can get used to Honor, it is always bang for buck. You get a lot of device for an fraction of the normal price. The Honor 6+ features a fantastic camera, a aluminium body and a back that is made from 6 layers. Reviews from the Honor 6+ will follow soon.

Dimitry and Kamlesh during the presentation

After the presentation there was time to speak with everybody(including people who work at Honor) and the party continued. The people were fascinated by the entertainment and the ambiance was great. But: everything comes to an end and eventually the party ended. I think that I may speak for everybody that it was a great evening.

Many thanks to Honor!

A video from the evening

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MqUlS8moYjM&w=560&h=315]

The information page from the Honor 6+: http://hihonor.nl/nl/pages/products/honor6plus

I wish Honor great luck, many happy costumers and ofcourse: many fans!

Honor for the brave!

Kind regards,

Booy Beerling
Honor supporter and ambassador

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